I love your art blog.

Click on the arrows to get to the mandalas, but please read this first.

Kate Jobe has given me an “I love your art blog award.”  


You can click on “about” in the corner to read more about it, including my “7 things.” I know not everyone who looks at my blog is going to click on the little “about” in the corner so I wanted to say something here.

Anyone who gets the award is asked to pass it on to others.  I want to use this space here to spotlight those I pass it on to.  (This photoblog doesn’t allow links on the side.)  


I would like to pass this award to 


Sue at Sue’s Doodle’s


Some bright and colorful, some bold black and white.  Always fun and cheerful and brings a smile to my heart.


Doe Grozs at A Year of Art


Beautiful Mandalas and beautiful words written about them.  Beautiful and inspiring angel dolls.


Cheryl at Mandala Oasis


Colorful, inspiring mandalas and touching, heartfelt poetry.


Robin at Robin’s World


Fun, cheerful whimsical drawings.  ATCs and inchies.  I am amazed at how much can be done with just and inch.






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