About Me and My Mandalas

Welcome to my first themed mandala gallery.

The mandalas in this gallery are made from photos of trash cans in Washington, DC.  I see beauty in everyday objects and bits and pieces of the urban landscape.  There are many beautiful things to see in the city, but this time I am focusing on finding beauty in the humble trash can. 

If you like these mandalas please check out my mandala blog at:


and my original (early works in mixed themes) mandala gallery at:


Thanks to Kate Jobe for her I Love Your Art Blog Award.  The photoblog style is a “no widgets style” so I can’t put it on the main page.


Now I have to say 7 things about myself and pass the award on to others.

My 7 things:

7 things about me


1.  I am a proud member of the striped sock wearing community.  Okay actually I don’t personally know anyone who wears knee high striped stocks, but there must be other people out there.  I mean someone must be buying them besides me or they wouldn’t be making them.


2.  I love shopping in thrift stores.  I dislike mall shopping.  I love how in the thrift store all the skirts in my size are next to each other.  I don’t have to wander around the whole store – or the whole mall to find them. 


3.  My word for this year is JOY.  I suppose everyone wants joy, but not many people seem to be making a conscious effort to put more joy in their lives.  This year I am making that effort.


4.  I go all out decorating my office space.  I have a rotating art display, flowers and other decorations that change several times during the year and a small collection of toys.  My toy collection includes marbles, tops, cars and stuffed animals.


5.  I love to walk and walk at during lunch break every work day, unless the weather is really bad.  I visit Smithsonian museums, the Smithsonian gardens, the tidal basin and the run down walkway by the river.

 6.  I love dressing in costume for SF/fantasy and gaming conventions.  I have several Ren Faire style outfits and a Shinto Priestess (anime) outfit.  It is something I would like to get more into, with more outfits and making my own clothing and accessories.


7.  I collect dice.  Maybe I should just say I am a gamer, (non-computer role playing games) since it seems like most gamers collect dice.  Also, there are probably not too many non-gamers out there who collect dice.

 Now to find some people to give the award to. 



2 Responses to “About Me and My Mandalas”

  1. Ilah…I love your creative project. I have something for you @ my blog. Stop by when you can for it. …Kate

  2. My son used to collect dice.. he had a pretty cool collection actually, but someone stole it 😦 and he collected them to just collect them.
    thanks for the award.. I’ll have to take care of it later though 🙂

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